Jobu Design Micro Gimbal/Ballhead Adapter


  • Stiff CNC Milled Main Arm
  • Ultra Smooth Tilt Mechanism
  • Adjustable Variable Tension Settings
  • Light and Small
  • Small Form Factor
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The BWG Micro Gimbal/Ballhead Adapter from Jobu Design will balance your SLR or DSLR camera plus telephoto or macro lens at their natural center of gravity, giving you much improved balance and functionality compared to using only your ballhead. This adapter is for lenses with rotating tripod collars, such as a 70-200mm zoom, a 400mm telephoto, or a 180mm macro lens.

The lens must be fitted with an Arca-Swiss-style dovetailed lensplate (not included–Jobu Design NX lensplates are recommended), and an Arca-Swiss style of ballhead with panning base (not included) is also required. Ballheads that use a thumb screw-type quick release (not a cam-lever) to ensure proper engagement and attachment of this product are highly recommended. The panning quality of this gimbal type setup fully depends on the quality of the ballhead used. With the BWG Micro Gimbal/Ballhead Adapter and a high-quality ballhead, you can easily move a 600mm lens using just one finger!

Stiff CNC milled main arm–the Micro is machined from solid 6061-T6 billet aluminum and finished in hard anodized aluminum.
Extreme stiffness for a small gimbal head
Needle roller and thrust bearings in the tilt axis provide smooth and controllable motion and easily set friction settings
Rubberized knob for cold and wet weather usage
Easily adjustable variable tension settings for tilt-drag
Light and small–15 oz (420 g)
Small form factor–fits in small bags (8 x 4 x 2.5″) without taking up much room, so it’s easier to pack
Simplifies your kit–convert any Arca-Swiss style of ballhead to a fully functional gimbal head, without tools, and without the need to carry a second tripod and separate full size gimbal head

Warnings and Technical Requirements

We highly recommend a very good quality ballhead with smooth and free-moving panning motion for this product. A cheap ballhead that is very stiff in panning will make a lousy gimbal head.
Ballheads that incorporate push-button safety catches in the Arca-Swiss clamp will generally NOT WORK with this product.
Make sure your ballhead has a very securely attached quick-release clamp and ball. Some ballhead clamps are attached with only a single flimsy screw that makes the clamp pivot on the ball itself. This may lead to damage or failure of the ballhead. Again, we stress that a high quality ballhead is mandatory.
We do not recommend using Cam-Action quick releases with the BWG-M1. Although we very precisely match the RRS quick release clamping system in profile, we cannot guarantee that all cam-levers will actuate in the same tolerance range in every situation. We highly recommend Arca-Swiss style clamps with regular screw-knobs.
Ballheads with Manfrotto, Bogen, or other Round, Hex, Square or proprietary clamping plates WILL NOT WORK with the BWG-M1. We do not recommend stacking adapters to make your own system.