Optex Freehands Gloves (Mens and Womens fits available)


PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTSWaterproof / Windproof BackThinsulate Insulation for WarmthMagnetic Finger TipsSilicon Gripped PalmDesigned for a Snug Fit

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The large black??Men’s Stretch Thinsulate Gloves from??Freehands are designed to be used when photographing outdoors in cold weather. The gloves have a waterproof and windproof backing and are lined with Thinsulate to keep you warm in the winter while being lightweight enough to wear in milder weather.

When photographing in cold weather you can open the finger tips so that you can more easily access small buttons on your camera, which might be difficult to access if you were wearing normal gloves. When you need to access buttons on your camera, simply pull back the thumb and forefinger tips of the gloves to reveal your fingers. The tips??are secured in place by magnets until you are ready to cover your fingers again. The palm patch features a silicon grip to prevent your camera from slipping. The gloves are designed to fit snugly so you can hold and operate your camera easily. For a looser fit, order the next size up.



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